Thinking out aloud

” A dotted line is full of unjoints, whereas space is punctuated by the holes of points” Melbourne 1974

“Sculpture is the feeling for the purpose of form” Melbourne 1988

“Tradition is the conversation which stretches across time, it is a conversation about what it is to be a human being…….” Melbourne 1988

You are your thoughts!  Collingwood 1991

– Remember when you were a child how a game started, how you played without concern for the outcome of where your activity would lead you. That living in the moment that playing really is!
– Work Discipline…. Imagination – the path of fulfilment.

“White….. Optimism virgin marble treasured medium pure hard crystals crisp like fresh linen bedded down
when the earth heaved and groaned witness to the mountains in formation one can be tender caress the stone yet stubbornly it resists even your violence the days end
and afternoon calm intrusion penetration of the block the definition of FORM ever sensual ever changing
I think of our child in the womb of my wife……..” Carrara 1983

– Life is constant struggle, at the biological, communal, individual, economic, racial, tribal etc….I attempt to grasp with my hands this precious thing, this my life my only real asset, a truly beautiful gift, that in the unwrapping disappears!

– Parenting teaching mentoring… the engine room for the  development of humanity – the most fundamental activity of being human Schip 2012

– Beauty is a response in the human species that the “politically correct” is consciously or unconsciously threatened by,  at some stage in the near future “Beauty”, its “value” will be subject to an evaluation by cultural police who will seek to determine what will be deemed correct responses. (Grim thoughts Feb 2017)

– One of the most difficult things for people who think of themselves as being progressive is to accept that someone else might have a different opinion..

– Italia already had the internet, it was the “Piazza”

– Our “smart” phones have turned us all into cretins!

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