“Three Runners”

I have been working on models for three oversize figures in bronze. The sculptures have been commissioned by Mr. Lindsay Fox for Melbourne High. The sculptures are of Merv Liincoln, Ron Clarke and Ralph Doubell all elite athletes. Being middle distance runners they were all pretty lean specimens, working from photographs initially to establish the “character” of each sculpture I eventually found a model in my friend “Charlie”. It has been a revelation for me working with a really lean individual.. Its as if I am seeing anew sinews, tendons, muscles, veins the extraordinary complexity and beauty of the human animal..so much more anatomy! Wow!

YIN/YANG ..I have been making sculpture for over three decades, whereas earlier I concentrated on the image of the FEMALE, for the past couple of years since big “Z” [www.peterschipperheyn.com/zarathu.htm ] really, I have been concentrating on the image of the MALE…..hard soft wet dry convex concave.

Recent meeting at Melbourne High with School Principal Jeremy Ludowycke, Lindsay Fox, Michael Steel, Neil my son Amadeus and myself to work out where to place the sculptures within the school grounds.  Thanks to Cinzia for taking the Photo!

Working on the full scale clay sculptures of Merv Lincoln, Ron Clarke and Ralph Doubell

"Merv" (3) "Merv" (2)

"Merv" (1)

"Ron" (1) "Ron" (2) "Ron" (3)

"Ralph" (1) "Ralph" (2) "Ralph" (3)

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